Freedom is a word that you often hear, it comes and goes… like the seasons
I’ve been fishing, I’ve been wishing, ‘cos I need, oh I need, some company
I sit in my chair, I haven’t a care, it doesn’t seem fair, for there… to be no troubles inside me
From this world we all shall go, it’s destined from the start, but while we’re here, let’s do our part
Hi there, thanks for being curious enough to see what this new Substack is all about, you may have followed me over from Tales of the Orient (that’s my…
Blue sky filters, windows shut, shafts of light, you can’t give up
Road continues, neverending. Transit through and past.
The bombs dropped, no people here
Circles, circling, around, along, twisting, turning, spin a song
Hello there, how are you? I guess I’m doing fine.
The wind’s been blowing throughout the night
Monday, early morning, kettle’s on, sun’s calling...